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Make your contacts better homeowners with original newsletters articles weekly.

Each week InTouch will send you a newsletter article on valuable homeowner topics. Use this article for your marketing in email, social networking, blogging or print newsletters.

Automatically stay intouch with your contacts.

Based on your selected frequency, InTouch will automatically send the current newsletter article to your mailing list. But emails don't stop there, you can send your own messages anytime.

Create your own email templates or choose any of the pre-designed templates for your mailings.

Automatically post on your social networks.

InTouch will automatically post up to 5 times per week, keeping you and your real estate connection at the top of your friends and followers minds.

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5023 Sea Pines Dr.
Dallas, TX 75025
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5023 Sea Pines Dr.
Dallas, TX 75025
(972) 743-9887

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