InTouch is an automatic system that manages your
customer messages and builds brand awareness
through personalized email and social networking
about timely homeowner topics.

Using a proven strategy of email, social networking, blogs, financial apps and presentations, InTouch furnishes your customers with a complete marketing niche branding you as
their real estate professional.

InTouch is an economical and effective way to maintain consistent communications with contacts that will
result in repeat and referral sales.


InTouch Articles

Weekly articles on valuable homeowner topics are sent for you to read, modify, or delete prior to delivery to your contacts.


InTouch Email

Based on your selected frequency, the article will automatically be sent to your contacts.

Social Media

InTouch Social Media

Original and curated articles posted to Facebook and Twitter at your discretion.


InTouch Blogs

The article can be posted to your blog automatically via email.

Special Occasions

InTouch Special Occasions

Individual messages will be sent for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and reminders.


InTouch Social Media

Include personalized presentations and documents with your marketing.


InTouch Campaigns

Use the campaigns to deliver a more targeted message to your contact.

Financial Apps

InTouch Financial Applications

Email, embed or link financial apps designed to help buyers and sellers make better decisions.

Setup InTouch in less than 30 minutes

Setup takes less than 30 minutes.

If you need help, our live customer service can take control of your computer and do it for you.

Enter your personal information, photo and company logo
Load your contacts
Authorize InTouch
to do the rest!

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