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2019 Can Be Your Best Year Ever
This program will provide the checklist and the tools you need to make 2019 your best year ever. It's broken down in five sections: spending plan, goals, message, market and marketing. You'll receive a terrific six-page Excel worksheet and a written business plan in a Word doc. You need to hit the ground running in 2019 and this mid-December webinar will give you exactly what you need.

Your Database IS Your Business
The biggest mistake agents make is thinking they’re in the real estate business when they’re really in the people business helping people be better homeowners. This session will re-focus your efforts to market your services to the people you know by organizing your database regardless of what contact manager you might be using.

A Set-it and Forget-it System to Top of Mind Awareness
This powerful session will outline exactly what you need to do and say to build a set-it and forget-it system to increase your repeat and referral business.

Best Year Ever
2017 is promising to be a great year and it could be your best year ever. Join national trainer Pat Zaby, who will lead you in putting your business plan together and help you determine and implement the marketing efforts that will ensure you reach your goals.

Content Marketing
Problem juggling different strategies for communicating with past customers, people you know and your Internet leads? ...This is your solution.

Where Did Your Past Customers Go?
You may be surprised that after all you did for your buyers and sellers, they've decided to use another agent for their next transaction.

Create, Curate & Dominate with Social Media
Social media is playing a key role in maintaining top of mind awareness with the people who can do business with you.

InTouch Affiliate Program
Take a few minutes to learn how you can earn residual income by sharing how InTouch works with your fellow agents in your market area.

InTouch Right Now
InTouch will do more than you can imagine to increase your repeat and referral sales. In this powerful webinar, you'll find out exactly what InTouch does and what makes it different than other contact systems.

Customers Appreciate Events
Explore how you can use a one-to-many opportunity to thank your customers with a party-style atmosphere in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Give Buyers What They Want
Markets change and so do effective techniques. Discover three techniques that are making a difference with some of the highest earning agents in the country.

More Touches...More Sales
Spend thirty minutes with Pat Zaby to see how InTouch will position you as the voice of real estate for your contacts. A voice that helps them maintain their home, protect value and save money. A voice that will guarantee repeat and referral sales.

Simplify for More & Less
It is possible to reduce expenses, earn more money and have more spare time with the right systems and practices in place. Develop a point of difference that will distinguish you from the competition. Discover how to build and operate effective email and social media marketing campaigns.

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